A Reader's Response to "Personalized List of Anticipated Consequences of Immorality"

As a man, husband, and more recently a father—I have struggled and struggled with sexual temptation. At my breaking point-being “tired” of the ongoing struggle and to seek support—I submitted a prayer request at a recent church leadership retreat, asking the intercessors to pray “That I would always and forever remain faithful to my wife and, never, ever commit adultery.”

Within days of that prayer, I unexpectedly came across your “Personalized List of Anticipated Consequences of Immorality” and ever since I have kept a shrunk-down version of it in my wallet. I refer to it very frequently. I came across a fuller version of the same list today, in an article on your website. I praise God for you and His work through you—specifically, your “list” was and is (and forever will be, until the day that I die, I pray) an answer to my prayer on that recent weekend. Referring to and thinking very deeply about the pain and destruction that my actions would cause...it is absolutely stunning, jaw-dropping, and overwhelming those horrible, heart-wrenching, and incredibly destructive results all laid out before me—and that alone, with regular prayer and Scripture memorization, keeps me steadfast.

Please keep me in your prayers—I will for you—to forever remain faithful to my wife, to our church and the Body of Christ, and most certainly to the Lord who calls me to love and serve Him in all that I do.

R. D. (posted with permission)