Just a Little Time

That’s all I was asking the man, to give his unborn child just a little more time – a little time to grow, a little time to become just as precious to him as the two children he was feeding McDonald’s sandwiches in the car. Just a little time also to let me talk to him and his wife, to give them the facts about abortion, about the development of their preborn child, about the whole host of ways we could help them do the right thing.

“Just a little time.”

But time was not something the fellow was willing to give – not to me, not to his wife and…not to the son or daughter that he so callously consigned to the Planned Parenthood abortionist inside. Instead he chose his own way, a foolishly shortsighted way that he will most undoubtedly regret, whether in this world (if he surrenders to the grace of Christ’s gospel) or at the final judgment. The awful cruelty of abortion will not seem worth the exchange then for what I asked of him that morning – “Just a little time.”

Written by Denny Hartford, director of Vital Signs Ministries, http://www.vitalsignsministries.org/ Denny and his wife, Claire, regularly sidewalk counsel outside of a local abortion clinic.