Resources for Sexual Purity

Some Recommended Books for Sexual Purity

Sex in Marriage

  • Intimate Issues by Jody Dillow and Lorraine Pintus
  • Love Life for Every Married Couple by Ed Wheat
  • The Intimate Marriage by R. C. Sproul
  • A Biblical Guide to Love, Sex and Marriage by Derek and Rosemary Thomas

Sexual Purity for Men

  • Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave by Ed Welch
  • False Intimacy: Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction by Harry Schaumburg 
  • Sexual DeTox by Tim Challies
  • Wired for Intimacy:  How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain by William M. Struthers

Sexual Purity for Women

  • No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction by Marnie C. Ferree
  • Dirty Girls Come Clean by Crystal Renaud

Help for Wives of Husbands with Sexual Addictions

  • Hope After Betrayal: Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage by Meg Wilson
  • Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars  by Marsha Means
  • The Sexual Man by Archibald Hart
  • Through Deep Waters: Letters to Hurting Wives by Kathy Gallagher
  • Undefiled by Harry Schaumburg
  • When His Secret Sin Breaks Your Heart:   Letters to Hurting Wives by Kathy Gallagher

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