Will God Take Care of Our Children?

A lot of people have been experiencing anxiety due to shootings. Will God always take care of our children?

In this video and the following transcript, I share some thoughts:

I think when you look at what’s happening at schools and life in general, and with children being abducted, these are things that every parent is going to ask. I really wish I could give an answer that says, “Yes. God will always take care of your children and protect them from all harm.” But that’s not reality. That’s not the world we live in. We live in a world that is under the curse.

I think it is possible for people to end up blaming God when bad things happen in their own lives and to their children because they’ve had false expectations, as if God promised nothing bad will ever happen to them or their child.

What God does promise is that He’s bigger than all the bad things that can ever happen to us. He also promises that He loves children. Look at Jesus—the way He took children onto his lap and said, “Unless you become like one of these, you won’t enter the kingdom of God.” He said to His disciples, “Allow the children to come to me.”

So Scripture clearly teaches God’s love for children, His sovereignty, and His ability and commitment to cause all things to work together for good. But that’s not the same as promising nothing bad will ever happen to our children.

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash