Endorsements and Book Reviews of Eternity

Endorsements of Eternity

“Eternity is a stunning achievement—dramatic, addictive, and an exciting way to make Scripture come alive. It’s a riveting story. I’ll be buying a lot of these to give away!”
— Jerry B. Jenkins, novelist and biographer

“Randy Alcorn is a master storyteller. His graphic novel Eternity will touch hearts, grant hope and change lives!”
— Max Lucado, author of Grace

“This is no ordinary comic book, no spiritual ‘Happy Meal.’  Randy and his artists have crafted a story that is deeply stirring and profound!”
— Frank Peretti, author of This Present Darkness

“Great art. Great story. Eternity is like a movie on a printed page. Readers will be gripped by the depth and substance of this compelling tale. If you've never read a graphic novel, wait no longer!”
— Bill Myers, Film producer, author of McGee and Me

“This is the first graphic novel I've ever read, and I found myself captivated at the fabulous art and the depth of story. Suitable for children and adults alike, I think this is going to be a big hit!” 
— Terri Blackstock, author of Intervention

“Randy Alcorn’s Eternity has enormous power! An engaging and compelling graphic novel, it will grab young readers who would not encounter the Gospel in any other written form!"
— Bodie and Brock Thoene, authors of The Jerusalem Chronicles

“Randy has infused one of Christ’s most piercing and provocative narratives with fresh visuals, biblical insights, and a clear call to repentance and faith in the One who holds the keys to the Celestial City and the Lake of Fire. Your kids will want to read Eternity again and again.”
— Kirk Cameron, television and film actor and producer

“Randy Alcorn is amazing. He’s one of my all-time favorite authors.”
— Karen Kingsbury

“Captivating visuals driven by a powerful, gospel-centered narrative, Eternity is a groundbreaking book that reaches young people where they are and lifts them higher.”
— Alex and Brett Harris, authors of Do Hard Things

“I LOVE Randy Alcorn’s Eternity because it touches my grandchildren’s lives with the truth of Scripture in a compelling format. My ten year old granddaughter Savannah said, “I would tell all my friends to read this book!”
— Dennis Rainey, President of FamilyLife Today

“Eternity brings a familiar biblical story to light in an engaging and powerful way!”
— Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"Jesus spoke in the language of real people. His stories used everyday elements to convey eternal truth with a power that reached to the deepest emotions of the heart as well as the mind and spirit. Randy Alcorn does the same in this graphic portrayal of Jesus’ parable. Using pictures and words, symbol and narrative, he reaches to the core of people whom his other excellent books will not touch. Even we geeks will find this book exciting!"
— Gerry Breshears, Chairman and professor, Systematic Theology, Western Seminary; past president Evangelical Theological Society

“As a youth pastor for over 35 years, I believe Randy Alcorn's graphic novel Eternity is a must read for all ages.  The message is cutting-edge, biblical, and memorable. I can still see the images of heaven, hell, angels and Jesus. What a tool for students!”
— Steve Keels, author of the Truthquest Student Bible

“For a visual generation, the need for a new, creative mode of storytelling is greater than ever.  As a top-shelf thinker, Randy is the perfect voice to write the graphic novel Eternity.”
— John Mark Comer, pastor, Solid Rock Church, Portland, Oregon, author of My Name is Hope

“Last evening I read Eternity. I felt I was experiencing the vivid reality of my first months as a new believer. I'm looking forward to reading this book again and again!”
— Alan Hlavka, lead pastor, Good Shepherd Community Church, Gresham, Oregon

“Randy Alcorn's Eternity is engaging, biblically faithful, and beautifully illustrated. What a powerful tool for presenting the gospel to young adults!”   
— Alex Chediak, Professor, California Baptist University, author of Thriving at College

Eternity is visually arresting and stylistically intriguing. The illustrations engage the senses and spark the imagination, and the characters come to life. Best of all, Jesus’ message and hope is so clear in these pages. This is a dynamic re-telling of a powerful story.”
— Barnabas Piper, WORLD magazine columnist, blogger barnabaspiper.com

"This isn’t your ordinary comic book.  In this graphic novel, Eternity, Randy Alcorn captures the wonder and beauty of heaven. As I read about Lazarus, all I could think of was my son. Young men and boys in particular will be drawn into the story by the intricate illustrations. But the truth in the story will penetrate hearts, and set the reader free."
— Trillia Newbell, Desiring God blogger; author of United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity (2014)

“May God use Randy Alcorn’s graphic novel Eternity to reach a lost and dying generation while there’s still time!”
— Ray Comfort, host of The Way of the Master

"Randy Alcorn's passion for sharing the message of Jesus Christ pours out in all his writings, teachings, and most of all, through his life.  I’m excited to see how the raw perspective of this graphic novel will be used to bring a fresh vision of our Savior to many thousands more!"
Andrew Palau, evangelist

"Congratulations to Randy Alcorn, and the gifted artists who worked with him, on the release of a superb new book for young readers. Eternity presents a richly illustrated parable—a powerful and moving cycle of stories that stir a yearning for heaven."
Kevin Belmonte, lead script and historical consultant for the film, Amazing Grace

Note: Some of the above endorsements are reduced, edited only for the sake of brevity.

Book Reviews of Eternity

New York Times best-selling author, Randy Alcorn released his first Bible based graphic novel in June with the largest publisher of Christian themed comics—Kingstone Media. The graphic novel titled Eternity depicts the classic Bible story of the Rich Man and Lazarus the beggar. The underlying theme reveals earthly choices carry eternal consequences. Alcorn uses literary license to add “fictional details and dialogue” yet he writes, the added details are “…supported by other scriptures.”
     Javier Saltares creative artistry portrays imageries of first century Jerusalem, warrior angels, Christ’s death, resurrection, heavens opulent vistas and frightening images of hell with realism. I especially liked his caricature of the Archangel Michael, the commander of Heaven’s army who isn’t allowed to rescue Christ from the cross, held back by obedience to his Master’s Word.
     The stunning imagery enriches Alcorn’s words to characterize the reality of heaven, hell and the “great fixed chasm” that separates the two. Themes of repentance, life after death, eternity and decisions that affect them weave throughout the story. Appropriately illustrated by the Rich Man’s question to Father Abraham after he dies, “Do you not hear my regret?”
     “You regret, but you do not repent,” said Father Abraham. “Indeed you cannot, for your condition became permanent the moment you died.” The simplicity of the message brings tears for what the Rich Man has lost, perhaps because it’s a choice everyone must make or bear the consequences.
     Words and pictures display Lazarus and the Rich Man’s differences, the choices they made and why Lazarus was a test sent by God the Rich Man failed. In addition to what the great chasm is, why the gulf can’t be crossed and why “every man’s fate is fixed at his death…” 
     Christian News Northwest, June issue, featured the graphic novel in addition to an interview with Art Ayris, CEO of Kingstone Media from Christian Newswire. Ayris spoke about the growing popularity of faith-based movies and The Bible, now the number one cable show, then said, “…why not comics...Eternity not only raises the bar but introduces Randy to a new demographic.”
     Especially since the demographics he refers to are influenced by New Age beliefs adopted by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, who denies that Jesus is the only way to salvation and heaven. Substantiated by a Barna survey that revealed many believe all faiths are valid, 63% don’t believe Jesus is the Son of the one true God, 51% don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead and 65% don’t believe Satan is a real entity.
     Eternity is more than a graphic novel; it’s a dramatic work of art that carries the salvation message to an unbelieving generation in words and artistry that can’t be ignored. The graphic novel leaves the reader with the question, “which man would you rather be?”

— Gail Welborn, Seattle Christian Book Review Examiner

Full disclosure: I had a small part in making the graphic novel, writing the Hebrew characters for the panel. I get no profit of any kind for its future sales.
     But I wanted to let you know that at every point Randy wanted as authentic a representation as possible. We got the idea to emulate the sometimes unique letters and forms found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This of course approximates a first century time, and also that Lazarus had some scribal training. As a former Hebrew teacher, I was of course familiar with the Isaiah scrolls, having a photo facsimile in my library. I spent a few hours decoding and practicing the script until it would naturally flow from my hand. Then, with coarse charcoal pencils, would write the verses directly from Dead Sea Scrolls, referencing also the Leningrad Codex for some word spelling issues (called B19a or L among scholars). For Hebrew students who want the challenge, you should be able to decode the panels as meaningful Scripture, making adjustments for some slight changes in the forms of some Hebrew letters.
     Five stars for a creative storyline, that teaches Biblical truth. Five plus stars for the rugged characters drawn. The angels really do look like tough soldiers, not some men who just spent a day at a beauty spa, with soft hands and poofy hair. And of course all the stars in the sky for the Hebrew lettering. :)
     Though people of all ages will have fun and learn from the novel, my personal project is to get it out there for teen boys especially those who have a tough time reading conventional books. I have already put this graphic novel in the hands of some unchurched teen boys, and they have literally enjoyed and "fought" over who could read this book next (yes, they are real boys fighting over just about everything!).
     Finally, from the view of these ancient eyes, put it on as big an E reader as possible. Having both digital and paper copies of the books, I recommend spending a few extra dollars and buy the paper book. It is of outstanding quality, using the best materials for sharp images.

— Jim Swanson (M.Th, MSM.), EPM volunteer, as posted on Amazon.com

Jesus told a story about a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus that has become very well-known in the two thousand years since he told it. The story is of the two men dying and the nature of their existence after death. The story has much to teach us, and author Randy Alcorn has tapped into the storytelling medium of the graphic novel to draw out the implications of this story.
     Eternity is the first graphic novel by Alcorn. In it he expands the story Jesus told and highlights some of the key points we can take away from it. But the story isn't simply to teach. It's a captivating story, and with the incredible visuals throughout, I found myself wrapped up in this story. It was almost as if I was watching a movie. I loved the way Alcorn connected this story to an event in the ministry of Jesus and how Dives, the rich man, died. Of course, we don't know that is how it happened, but it's an interesting speculation.
     I've been a fan of Alcorn's work ever since I read his book Heaven, and Eternity brings some of the key ideas from that book to life in a very visual way. Overall, I think this book would be a great way to introduce anyone to the concept of a biblical idea of the afterlife. And it's a great book to get people excited about Jesus and the place he prepares for those who follow Him.

— Tom Farr, as posted on tom-farr.blogspot.com

The comic book industry is subject to highs and lows. Right now thanks to movies like Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers and Man of Steel, comic books are booming! Kingstone Comics is all about bringing the greatest stories ever written from the Bible and making them come to life with some eye-popping illustrations. I had the extreme pleasure of getting their newest release, Eternity.
     Anyone who has ever read the Bible and gone to Sunday School or church no doubt remembers the story of the Rich Man and the beggar Lazarus taught by Jesus Christ. This short story is made into an elaborate tale written by bestselling author Randy Alcorn and illustrated by artist Javier Saltares, who is known for his work on such comics as Wolverine and Ghost Rider.
     Eternity is 128 pages of full-color, eye-pleasing graphics, and the story is just enthralling. You will find yourself losing track of time and turning the pages to see what is coming next. Eternity brings Jesus' parable to vivid life. Even the smallest child can understand the lesson that Jesus was trying to teach.
     While this is a Christian graphic novel and the idea is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, anyone can enjoy it. The story is beautifully written and the illustrations are mind-blowingly spectacular. The quality of storytelling and art is right up there with the best of DC and Marvel comics. I am proud to put this in a prominent place in my graphic novel library along with my DC and Marvel comics. I look forward to seeing more great things from Kingstone Comics.
     So if you want to discover a graphic novel that the whole family can enjoy, I highly, highly recommend you pick up a copy of Eternity or any of the other great novels from Kingstone Comics. You won't regret it! Even Grandma and Grandpa will love them. 

— Jason S. Lockard, as posted on RogueCinema.com

Randy Alcorn’s Eternity, a graphic novelization of Luke 16:19-31, offers an imaginative look at the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. The dynamic lives of both figures, and how they intersect, are presented with some creative liberties. Scripturally literate readers will notice allusions to other biblical stories and figures. Lazarus is portrayed as a humble beggar who awaits the Messiah and teaches a young Titus. The rich man is portrayed as the selfish, arrogant and religious hypocrite readers would expect. Christ is interwoven in the story and the gospel is clear. Young readers will be engaged by the dialogue and illustrations that bring to life this important parable from Luke. 
— Nicholas Dean, as posted in the September 2013 issue of the AFA Journal