Do I Need to Tithe to a Local Church, or Can I Send My Tithe to Your Ministry?

Question from reader:

I just finished reading your book Managing God's Money and have a question about tithing. I don’t attend a local church but am a born again Christian, who loves God and Jesus Christ. I’m retired and live on Social Security, but I want to start tithing. Do I have to tithe to a local church, or can I tithe to your ministry and other chosen ministries? I’ve been on your website and like what you’re doing, but I want to make sure my tithing is done properly.

Answer from Shauna Hernandez, EPM Ministry Assistant:

I appreciate the heart behind your question and that you want to tithe in a way that honors God. My answer is in two parts. The first part is a question I have for you. We believe it’s vitally important for you as a Christian to be a part of a local church, and to be in daily community with fellow believers who can help you grow and who you can serve with. Is there a reason you are not part of one? We have a long list of churches we recommend to people all over the U.S and we’re more than happy to help you find a place you can be a part of. (Please know we understand there are specific situations where someone isn’t physically able to attend church. Randy shares some thoughts on that here.)

The second part of my answer to your question is what Randy has written about giving to the local church first. He says: “Giving should start with your local Bible-believing, Christ-centered church, the spiritual community where you’re fed and to which you’re accountable. In the New Testament, giving was not directed to the Church at large, the universal body of Christ, but to the church, the local Christian assembly. Even gifts that were sent to other places were given through the local church. Whereas the Old Testament temple was a storehouse, the New Testament Church was a clearinghouse, a conduit of gifts to help the needy and reach the lost.” (For more, see Should the Local Church Receive Peoples’ Tithes Before Other Worthy Needs?)

We’re grateful for the donors who support our ministry, but we believe that tithing starts with your local church and giving to EPM or any other ministry should come second.

If you'd like help finding a church, please send us a message or call us toll free at 877-376-4567.

Shauna Hernandez previously worked as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at EPM.