Karen Coleman

Karen Coleman served as a ministry assistant at Eternal Perspective Ministries for three and a half years. She spent 23 years in Cameroon, West Africa involved in Bible translation and missionary care. Before going to Africa and before EPM began, she served as Randy’s assistant when he was a pastor. In June 2018, Karen went to be with Jesus. 

What Is Your View on Babies Going to Heaven When They Die?

article - Karen Coleman
Question from Reader: In chapter 35 of Heaven, you talk about being reunited with infants who die. It seems in the beginning of this section that you are defending the idea that the presence of any sin in our children (which they are born into) will mean they are not saved.  Then later on, it seems you are saying that God may cover them with Christ’s blood despite the fact that they can’t confess their belief.  So, I think your stance is that children who die before they can confess their Savior may be saved.  But it’s not clear. Can you clarify?
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