The Ship Memorial Library Named after Nanci

A year ago, I got a phone call from Operation Mobilization, an organization Nanci and I have loved for years. They asked how I felt about their naming the ship library on Logos Hope after Nanci. I was, of course, honored, and knew Nanci would be, because we absolutely loved our visit to the ship six years ago, when it was docked in Jamaica.

By God’s grace, I have been in many countries and witnessed incredible ministries. But Nanci and I were touched as deeply by what we saw on Logos Hope as we have ever been anywhere in our lives. My friend George Verwer, the founder of Operation Mobilization who is now with Jesus, had the vision, along with OM pioneer Dale Rhoton, to launch the first OM ship in 1970. George and many others have talked to me about the ships over the years, but I hadn’t realized the breadth and depth and kingdom-shaping quality of this ministry until we witnessed it firsthand. We were blown away by the work of God’s Spirit.

Each time the ship docks, local people come aboard, visit the bookstore, buy many books very inexpensively, hear the gospel presented, and hang out in the international café. One of the best parts of our visit was going to the huge onboard bookstore, called a “book fair,” and watching the adults look at my books. But nothing compared to seeing Jamaican children flipping through the pages of my graphic novels Eternity and The Apostle

Nanci in Logos bookstore

The library was dedicated last September. OM kindly sent me this tribute to Nanci from Seelan Govender, CEO of their ship ministry:

For many years, I have personally known Randy and Nanci Alcorn. I consider Nanci and Randy as wonderful, long-time friends and supporters of OM, sharing a deep love for the Ship Ministry.

Nanci had a love of the ministry, young people and especially the library on board Logos Hope. She was an integral part of generous and selfless giving to so many that encountered the Word of God and the person of Jesus through books on the ship. She will be remembered as a dear friend to the work of Operation Mobilization. Her words, smiles, teaching, and impact will live on for many generations to come.

We are so grateful for her example of a godly life well-lived. To celebrate and commemorate her legacy with the Ship Ministry and her love of reading and literature, today we honor her influence on our ministry by renaming the library on board Logos Hope, The Nanci Alcorn Memorial Library.”

It is our desire that future guests and crewmembers will use this space as a place of growth and prayer as they strengthen and sustain their daily walk with our precious Heavenly Father. Both are things that Nanci modeled extraordinarily well for us with her own life.

While we are extremely saddened by her loss, we rejoice with Randy that this is only a temporary goodbye.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Seelan Govender

CEO & President, OM Ships International For and on behalf of crew and staff

Thank you, God, for Nanci’s life, which continues to bear fruit for eternity.

When we set up Nanci’s memorial fund, one of the three main recipients was the Logos Hope, and we have expanded it now to include the Doulos Hope. Learn more about OM Ships International here. And here’s a video about the launch of the Doulos Hope in May:

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries