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A Godly Worldview

When Randy Alcorn told the story of Graham Staines holding his two sons—ages ten and six—in his arms as all three of them were burned to death for their faith in Christ, I was moved to tears.

A Grace Returned

When their son died unexpectedly, Joseph and Mary Lou Bayly received comfort and help from a poem sent to them by the young woman their son loved and planned to marry.

Focus On The Family Gets Slandered

“Frankly, we have had enough,” said spokesmen for Focus on the Family. At issue, they say, are unsubstantiated but widely circulated rumors that the group requested from Colorado Springs public school officials the names of single teachers without dependents.

Forced Prison Labor in China

Chinese and Tibetan dissidents are either locked up in prison, forced into hiding, or silenced by fear of police retaliation against their families.

Returning to the True God

Saturday morning Ben and Quan worked repairing the chicken coop. It was unseasonably warm for early November.