End of the Spear Pictures Part 2

On January 8, 1956 five missionaries were murdered in Ecuador: Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian and Pete Fleming.

An outstanding 40-minute documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor, has interviews with a number of the tribes people who were there, and with all five of the widows. It was filmed just in time since Marylou McCully (wife of Ed McCully) and Marge Saint (wife of Nate Saint) have gone home with the Lord, and Elisabeth Elliot is no longer in physical condition to give an interview.

The major movie which was released in theaters is called End of the Spear. Randy Alcorn has read and endorsed a book of the same title written by Steve Saint (Nate Saint's son). It's fascinating, filling in the gaps in the original story and also telling the incredible story that's happened since then, in which many of the tribe who killed the missionaries have come to Christ.

The following pictures are a collection from the original event in 1956, the documentary (Beyond the Gates of Splendor), the movie (End of the Spear), and the lives of the families since 1956.

Ompodae paints Steve Saint






Ompodae paints Steve Saint's arm with dye for a traditional tribal event.   








Piper nameplate






The nameplate from Nate Saint's plane was found at Palm Beach in 1994, 40 years after it had been buried.







Rachel Saint's grave marker






Rachel Saint's grave marker. She was greatly honored by the tribe. The marker reads: "Teaching us to walk God's trail, Star came."





Stephenie, Steve, and Ginny Saint






Stephenie, Steve & Ginny Saint after a long hike.







Shaun, Stephenie and Jesse Saint






Shaun, Stephenie and Jesse Saint (Steve Saint's children) are baptized by tribespeople, as Steve and his sister were, years before. Seven other Waodani teens were also baptized.






Stephenie & Jaime Saint






Stephenie & Jaime Saint with friends






Steve Saint and friends






Steve Saint, Mincaye, and other Waodani tribesmen







Steve & Ginny Saint







Steve & Ginny Saint








Mincaye and Steve Saint




Mincaye and Steve Saint on their speaking tour. 







Steve Saint and Mincaye










Steve Saint and Mincaye












book covers






Beyond the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear book covers.






Scenes from End of the Spear: 

Steve Saint


















Steve Saint

















in plane


















Mincaye holding a picture of Steve Saint.










Mincaye looking at picture of Steve Saint.   

Steve Saint




Picture of Steve Saint.














Waodani child





Waodani child








Waodani tribesman






Waodani tribesman  







Chad Allen and Ginny & Steve Saint







Chad Allen (star of movie), Ginny & Steve Saint.








Randy Alcorn and friends














Randy at Christian Booksellers Association Convention, June, 2005

Black shirts, from left: Jamie Saint (grandson of Nate Saint), Mincaye (killer of Nate Saint and
Ed McCully, later converted to Christ, now a leader of Auca church), Randy Alcorn, Steve Saint (son of Nate Saint).

Others from left: Jay McCully, brother of Ed, and three sons of Ed McCully. Steve McCully is on far right.

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Randy Alcorn, founder of EPM

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