Some Positive Change in China?

Since writing my novel Safely Home, which is set in China and involves religious persecution, I’ve received innumerable confirmations of the persecution of Chinese Christians. Those who live in China now and know the country from the inside know that persecution, in some places, is very severe, while in other places it is mild or almost nonexistent. At the same time, I've heard many sincere but naïve comments from American evangelicals who say, “There’s no longer any persecution of Christians in China.”

I addressed this issue in the foreword to Safely Home I added a couple of years ago.

But certainly China is undergoing great change, and I rejoice at this blog written by my friend Jon Bloom at Desiring God on March 18. Take a look at the story he refers to. Remarkable. God is at work.


by Jon Bloom

Read this very brief article in the China Daily (China's official English language newspaper). It's the testimony of a university student who converted to Christianity.

Now if you've been following China for any length of time you might be picking your jaw up off the floor. Get this:

The official and highly controlled newspaper of the Communist government is featuring a story of a religious conversion of an exceptionally bright university student who found meaninglessness in existence apart from God.

He was given a Bible by a colleague, and the reader is not led to believe this is a bad thing.

He converted to Christ after reading it and now is experiencing fulfillment.

And he's now happily attending an unregistered church (i.e. house church).


We know the church is unregistered because yesterday the China Daily ran an article on house churches that are thriving in Beijing and featured that church. In fact, this particular unregistered church has actually been allowed to purchase property for a church building.

This doesn't discount the fact that persecution still occurs in China. But we need to let this news soak in. This little article is huge. God is doing something incredible in that great nation.

Keep praying.

Photo by chris liu on Unsplash

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries