Readers' Responses to Deadline

By Multiple Readers March 5, 2010


I became a Christian after reading Deadline and coming to the conclusion that I was like Jake. Thank you Randy Alcorn! —M.S.

I’m reading Deadline for the 5th time, and it is THE best novel Randy has written! There’s something about this book that grabs me in the best way, it has influenced me in a way that no other novel ever has. There is a lot of philosophy and apologetics in this fiction book. When he writes about Jake before he becomes a Christian and describes the way non-Christians think, he hits the nail on the head. It’s very realistic as I compare Jake to unbelievers I know. It would be hard to read this as an unbeliever and not be influenced by it. I’ve read most of his novels and I like all of them, but Deadline is definitely my favorite. G.G.

I've always had a hard time picturing Heaven, until I read Deadline. And while I fully understand that the imagery of Heaven in your novels is based on your imagination as informed by Scripture, the principles articulated about Heaven in the novels are things that believers can hold on to. The concept that our time in the shadowlands is when we are on the field of competition and we are in the stands when we get to Heaven crystallizes the idea that we need to live for Jesus here—showing Him we mean it when we say we love Him, really truly learning to live led by the Spirit. —S.S.

Deadline was responsible for renewing my lost faith. So grateful for that book. God is so good! —S.C.

I just this minute finished reading your book Deadline. Man! Tight and good and complete, all the way through. I am greatly edified. It is the first time I've ever read a book that I wasn't disappointed because it was too short. : ) I have the other two "D" books, Dominion and Deception, to read now! Many, many times as I was reading Deadline, I put the book down on my lap and in tears thanked God for your writing. —M.S.

I want to thank you for one of the best books I've ever read. I'm just sorry it took me this long to find it. Now I can hardly wait to read Dominion! —B.K.

I got your book Deadline. I loved it. I lent it to a friend she loved it. She lent it to her sister in Egypt she loved it. She sent it to her daughter in Texas she loved it. Two years later I got it back. It had been around the world, read by at least 20 people and was falling apart. My friend got her a new one and I got myself another one. I read it again after my mother died it helped so much. I have read all your books. Keep up the good work. God Bless You. — C.P.

I have read Deadline so many times that I have had to replace it twice! I am not usually the type of reader that reads a book more than once, but Deadline touches a different part of me each time I read it. I have purchased it for friends numerous times as well — telling each one that they will have a different view of heaven and of our journey on earth after they read it. One of my absolute favorite lessons from the book is the discussion regarding why Fin didn't know everything as soon as he got to Heaven. You write of a stunned Zyor asking "who do you think you are? God? Only God knows everything!" Thank you for the reminder that we are human and not expected to have all the answers — ever! :) I get chills and tears in my eyes when I read your description of the angels standing and watching while the precious Savior was crucified. I am reminded of their love for Him and the love I should strive to have. Thank you for allowing yourself to be an instrument of God. —A.H.

I assigned my doesn't-like-to-read 14-year-old son to read Deadline for school (we homeschool) and he's been taking the book to bed with him to read on his own! That says a lot. —J.M. 

I am a college student, and while I thought my beliefs were strong, they have felt tremors since I have been at college. I recently read Deadline. Not only was it a fantastic book, but it greatly aided my walk with Christ. Best of all however, was it enabled me to take on my professors with the one Truth and spread God’s love. Thanks for being a light in my dark college world. — A. M.

This is my favorite book. I am an avid fiction reader, and this is my top pick out of hundreds and hundreds of books. Other than the Bible, Deadline has done more for my faith than any other book has. This is because Randy Alcorn helped me to see Heaven in a way I’d never imagined before. One of the biggest lies ever is that Heaven is boring. Heaven is better than anything that we can imagine. Apparently Alcorn can imagine a lot better than me, and Heaven is better than that. — E. M.

This was such an exciting, suspenseful, Christian mystery novel. It contained wonderful and thorough character development. One really gets drawn into the story of these three guys and their families. The moral and social issues that are examined are thought-provoking. This book hooked me from the first page and dragged me at breakneck speed on a thrill ride. I really felt like I knew these people, and was very concerned for my friends! The author succeeded on so many levels to make this book a joy to read. — C. H.

I’ve just finished reading Deadline. I’d heard of Alcorn previously and was told he was good, but now I can say from personal experience that the recommendation was accurate. Alcorn has an ability to write from a thoroughly Biblical perspective about the reality of Heaven while simultaneously reflecting the reality of earthly life. — A. S.

I long for Heaven, which didn’t used to be the case. The thought of floating on a cloud for endless days with harp music in the background lacked the appeal I knew it was supposed to have for me as a Christian. But, about seven years ago, I picked up Deadline and my eyes were opened to a right and scriptural perspective of eternity. I am so thankful and, honestly, eternity couldn’t come soon enough, although I know there is still work to do. — C. V.

After months of reading fantasy and science fiction, I was finding that my once favorite books were leaving me empty and restless. I decided to join an “Inspired Readers” group, and the upcoming discussion will be on Randy Alcorn’s book, Deception. Since reviewers at gave it and the novels preceding it such high marks, I picked up Deadline first—and at last the emptiness is gone! This is the best and most fulfilling read I can remember. This book is a page-turner and a delight. In fact, the book kept me riveted well beyond midnight for the past two nights; I only put it down when the print blurred!
     So much in Deadline touched me. Several times, I sat there with tears brimming over and had to stop and wipe my eyes so I could continue reading. Thank you for sharing your love of God and His people through this fictional yet entirely satisfactory work. — V. L.

This novel was intriguing, enlightening, and riveting. I kept coming back to the book to see what would happen next. The adventure of Jake Woods and his life transformation because of Christ is awesome to read. Alcorn hits on many hot topics in our world today. The novel deals with absentee father, teen sex, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, organized crime, media bias, divorce, handicapped children, the afterlife, and many more.
     One cannot walk away from this story with any character being undeveloped. Alcorn gives great hope for what Heaven will be like. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read and to be inspired to watch how one man is transformed by the person of Jesus Christ. — J. D.

I’ve just finished reading Deadline. I’d heard of Alcorn previously and was told he was good, but now I can say from personal experience that the recommendation was accurate. Alcorn has an ability to write from a thoroughly Biblical perspective about the reality of Heaven while simultaneously reflecting the reality of earthly life. — A. S.

In the summer of 2005, I was handed Randy’s book Deadline. I opened it to read and did not stop until I had completed the whole book. I had never before that day thought much about Heaven. I had always been led to believe that “the dead know not anything,” and death was like being asleep until the second coming. The book did much to completely transform my faith as I was going through one of the most tragic events that can befall mankind.
     In 2005, my wife of nine years and my six-year-old son were killed in front of my eyes by the driver of an 18-wheeler. He fell asleep at the wheel as we changed a flat tire on the side of the interstate.
     I cannot even begin to put into words the comfort that Randy’s books have brought me. I had always thought I understood what it meant to accept the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross. But I never truly understood the loss, the pain, the suffering, and the heart-wrenching agony that I now know God felt when He gave his Son for us, until I had to let go and give my own back to Him. 
      Even now, as I think about that day, I can see it from a different perspective. I can see the things that happened that day in 2005, as Mr. Alcorn writes in his books: the angels taking my wife and son home and standing between myself and danger with their wings spread and swords drawn. My two daughters who were in the vehicle with my son and lived said they felt a giant hand covering them and keeping them against the right rear door of the car until it came to a stop. That window they were against was the only glass still intact. I can see God's angels protecting and shielding them as well.
     I just wanted to say thank you to Randy for the books he has written and for the encouragement that his writing have been to my faith. —S.K. 

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