My 13-Year-Old Son Struggles with Pornography. What Should I Do?

Question from a reader:

I am concerned about my 13-year-old son’s desire for pornography. Recently I found a drawer full of pornographic images—some very graphic—that he had printed off the internet. (We’ve since installed internet protection on the computer.) I’ve also found "soft core" pornography in his room and hidden in other areas of the house. We have prayed for my son and gotten counsel from our pastor. Each time we talk with my son he promises to stop, but he never does. We are very concerned. Is there anything else we can do for him? I love my son more than you could know and do not wish to see him go down this path.

Answer from Linda Jeffries, former EPM Staff:

Your son desperately needs your help now. He simply can't do this on his own. I highly recommend making an appointment with a Christian counselor immediately. I would look for someone who specializes in children and is well educated in the area of pornography addiction. He also needs direct and active accountability. I would visit with your pastor and/or youth leader at your church. Include your son on this meeting. He needs an accountability partner—someone other than a parent, and someone he trusts. You can set up protections at home (on your TV, computer, etc.) but your son won't always be at home. Sometimes the greatest temptations come at friend's homes or at the mall. He needs to be able to make the right choices then too.

Below are some great resources. I hope you find them helpful:

There is hope, but it does take effort. Ask God to provide you with the wisdom you need to help direct your son to the path of purity, love, and forgiveness.