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Professor's Educational Tool Saves a Life

For almost three decades Calvin College professor Pete Tigchelaar has had a three-month-old fetus, encased in plastic, that he uses in his human biology classes.

Partial-Birth Abortions — What's the Big Deal?

Partial-birth or D&X abortion is a particularly horrific form of late-term abortion, in which the child is delivered live until only the head remains in the birth canal.

Post-Abortion Trauma in Men: Finding Healing for a Hidden Problem

It’s like the tip of an iceberg, a sharp, damaging, external protrusion that, no matter how much pain it inflicts, only represents the much bigger problem beneath the surface. What is so fierce that it can sink the seemingly hardiest of men, or at least flood a chamber of his heart and debilitate him for life? Abortion.

Are Graphic Pictures Effective in the Abortion Debate?

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform uses a convoy of large trucks to display oversized prolife photographs in their Reproductive Choice Campaign to those on freeways and city streets.

A Mother's Memorial to Her Aborted Child

I am not a brave person. More often than not, when God has a difficult assignment for me, I pull a Moses: “I can’t, Lord!...why me???” Recently He gave me a chance to stretch a little.