Let’s Show Women They Are a Vital Part of Christ’s Body, Not Just Tell Them to “Go Home”

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Periodically I write an unusually long blog because the issues are so far-reaching that I think they demand extra attention. I don’t like to break such blogs into multiple parts, so if you have the time to work this through with me, here we go. Many have reacted, both negatively and positively, to comments that John MacArthur made recently about Beth Moore. This happened at the Truth Matters Conference, held at MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in California.

Let’s Be Clear What We Do and Do Not Mean When It Comes to Terms Like Gender Equality

article - Randy Alcorn Randy's blog
The fact that a term or phrase can be used by one person one way, and mean something completely different to another person, is nothing new. But as people who believe that words matter—because God communicated to us using precise words, right down to the smallest jot and tittle—we as Christians should be especially thoughtful in how we use terms, and educate ourselves about what others mean when they use them.
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