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C. S. Lewis’s View of Women, and How He’s Impacted My Thinking

I cringe whenever I see Lewis called a misogynist. Certainly, to the degree that most of us are, he was a creature of his day and culture—indeed, he called himself a dinosaur—but in many respects, in the deeply respectful tone he speaks about women, he seems more ahead of his time than behind it.

God Designed the Human Machine to Run on Himself

Every sin we commit, every shortcoming we display is an attempt to be happy through a God-substitute. Lewis, who spent much of his life trying to find happiness outside God, finally realized he’d been deceiving himself. He wasn’t alone.

The Reluctant Churchman: C. S. Lewis

We need to recognize the value of the local church, and not abandon it despite all its imperfections (and each of us is included in those imperfections).

The Lion’s Claws

In C. S. Lewis’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace Clarence Scrubb describes to Edmund how terrible it felt when Aslan, the Lion and Christ-figure, changed him from the dragon he’d become to the boy he was intended to be.

Through Heaven's Doorway

When five-year-old Emily Kimball was hospitalized and heard she was going to die, she started to cry. Even though she loved Jesus and wanted to be with him, she didn’t want to leave her family behind. 

Inside Information about Mankind

This is an excerpt from C. S. Lewis’s classic Mere Christianity. If you’ve never read the book, I highly recommend you do. And if you have read it, I think you’ll enjoy rereading it or listening to the audio, as I’ve done recently.