Topic: Money and Giving

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Cultivating Joy in Our Giving

Giving infuses life with joy. It interjects an eternal dimension into even the most ordinary day. That’s just one reason you couldn’t pay me enough not to give. The joy Nanci and I experience comes in envisioning what God is doing in people’s lives for eternity through what we’ve given to Him.

Should business owners tithe on the gross income or the net income?

Tithing is done on profit—what you have truly made, how much you’ve actually come out ahead. That wouldn’t include all gross business income, since much, usually most, of that must pay for the business goods, employees, etc., which are providing the services making the money in the first place.

Should Giving Always Be Kept Secret?

Over the last ten years, I’ve been suggesting that we learn how to share testimonies about giving in order to help the body of Christ grow in the grace of giving. 

Should I Buy That Corvette?

If I were you I would take the money I would have spent on the Corvette, and give it to missions and famine relief. Everyone comes out ahead that way—God is glorified, people are kept alive and reached with the gospel, and you will lay up treasures in heaven, and Jesus says your heart will follow your treasures.

Should I Tithe or Pay off My Debt First?

Ask yourself “Why am I in debt in the first place?” Is God responsible for my unwise or greedy decisions that may have put me there? And even if I’ve come into debt legitimately, isn’t my first debt to God?