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31 Radical, Liberating Questions to Ask God About Your Giving

When it comes to financial stewardship, God hasn’t handed each of us a standardized checklist with little boxes to mark off one by one. Rather, He has provided us His Word with principles for effective financial stewardship—principles we have to wrestle with. In the process of this struggle, God expects us to seek His face and to pursue the counsel of godly believers who have traveled further than we along Stewardship Road.

Choosing a God-Honoring Lifestyle

Regarding choosing a financial lifestyle that is honoring to God, I received a blog comment from a reader, asking: Do you believe that everyone should live modestly? (Would that be $30,000 per year, or $50,000, or $100,000, or...?)

The Old Testament Model of Tithing and Christians Today

I have mixed feelings on tithing. I detest legalism. I certainly don’t want to pour new wine into old wineskins, imposing superseded first covenant restrictions on Christians. However, the fact is that every New Testament example of giving goes beyond the tithe.

How to Live Wisely Financially

First, commit yourself to regular giving to your local church and above and beyond giving to missions and other ministries.

When a Spouse Doesn't Want to Give

I have encouraged women in this situation to go to their husbands, explain their deep conviction about giving, perhaps share one of the passages about how God blesses givers, and tell him she believes God will provide for their family so that the amount she desires to give won't be noticed by him, even if it is substantial.