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Why Does God Take Some People to Heaven So Young?

When I first answered this question a few years ago, a friend was holding her eighteen-month-old son in her arms, waiting for him to breathe his last. She was praying over him, reading Psalms aloud, trying to comfort and prepare him—and herself—for what was to come.

Follow-up on Little John

EPM received many notes from readers telling us they were touched by the article “Not a Soul in This World for Little John” that appeared in the Winter 2009 issue. Below is a letter from Kimberly Smith, president of Make Way Partners, as a follow-up to her article.

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 3

In the final eight minutes of this three part video, Jim Harrell, dying of ALS but living with an eternal perspective, says, “Suffering is the icy cold splash that wakes us up from the complacency of living this life."

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 2

See my previous blog to learn a little about my friend Jim Harrell, who has ALS, and watch the five minute video that precedes this one. Or, just go straight to the ten minute one below. I guarantee you, this ten minutes will bring more to your day than almost anything else.

Jim Harrell, Perspectives in Suffering, Part 1

In the past year I've gotten to know Jim Harrell, a friend I've exchanged emails with and talked with once on the phone. I interviewed Jim on the subject of suffering for the book I'm currently writing. 

Aggie Hurst: A Story of Eternal Perspective

While we were unable to find any real pictures of Aggie or her family, I hope this story of God's faithfulness through the sacrifice of missionary couple David and Svea Flood will inspire you. 

Affliction was Necessary to Me

I want to share the following, written by my friend Denny Hartford, the director of a terrific organization I highly recommend, Vital Signs Ministries (FYI, that's not Denny in the picture, it's Martin Luther). Denny works in the ministry with his wonderful wife Claire.