Topic: Suffering and Evil

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When God Doesn't Heal

Why doesn't God cure everyone who prays fervently for healing?

The life context of the question is all too familiar. The issue arises in our darkest hours—in the hospital ward, in the doctor's office, when the unfavorable test results return. Our need often arises unexpectedly and then consumes us.

Out of the Cold: Christianity Brings Hope to Cambodia

For nearly thirty years, the phrase killing fields was synonymous with Cambodia. Between 1975 and 1979, the communist Khmer Rouge killed at least one million Cambodians in their attempt to reinvent their society.

Shouldn’t We First and Foremost Pray for Terrorists?

What you say doesn’t only apply to terrorists, but to abortionists, homosexual activists, persecutors, rapists, serial killers and everyone else who has an agenda that dishonors God and violates his Word. We should certainly pray for everyone’s repentance.

The God I Love

Lord, your no answer to physical healing meant yes to a deeper healing

A Life Given . . .

On the Slave Coast of West Africa in 1880, a land governed by witchcraft and superstition and where human life was cheap, torture by poisoning and boiling oil was the order of the day.