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How Will We Relate to God in Heaven?

Think about the person you would most want to spend time with. Who would that person be? Your favorite singer, author, or athlete? Your best friend who moved away? A family member who’s already died? Many Christians would say they’d want to spend time with Jesus. They’d want to see the Savior who created them, died for them, and made their life in Heaven possible—the one who loves them more than anyone else.

Headed Home

God’s people are described as aliens and strangers, looking for a country of their own (Hebrews 11:14). This world, under the curse, is not our home. In fact, our real home is a place we’ve never lived.

Heaven: Chapter 32, What Will We Know and Learn?

It’s common to hear people say, “We don’t understand now, but in Heaven we’ll know everything.” One writer says that people in Heaven can “easily comprehend divine mysteries. Is this true? Will we really know everything in Heaven?

What Will We Do in heaven?

Rest from our labors on earth (Rev. 14:13). We will experience relaxation and leisure, freedom from the frustrations of tedious and burdensome labor.