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Where in the Bible Is Satan Called an Angel?

Question from a reader:

In The Goodness of God you wrote: “It’s misleading to say, ‘God created Satan and demons.’ Rather, God created Lucifer and other righteous angels, who later chose to rebel against God, and in so doing became Satan and demons… The great archangel who rebelled against his Creator is called the devil...” It seems you believe that Lucifer/Satan is or was an angel. Where in the Bible is Satan called an angel? 

Will Unbelievers Be Annihilated?

Jesus said, “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life” (Matthew 25:46). Here in the same sentence, Christ uses the word “eternal” (aionos) to describe the duration of both Heaven and Hell. 

Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature?

Question from a reader:

Did Jesus have a sin nature?

Answer from Randy Alcorn and Julia Stager:

First, we need to define sin nature. The “nature” of a person or object is commonly thought of as its essential qualities or attributes; that which makes it what it is. Therefore if something has a “sin nature” sin is a defining attribute of that thing.

When Did Man Begin Eating Meat?

Question from a reader:

In Heaven Randy writes that it appears that neither animals nor people ate meat until after the flood. But Genesis 4 says Abel kept flocks and gave fat offerings, which suggests he ate meat. What are your thoughts?

Were Old Testament Men and Women Saved by Their Keeping of the Law?

Question from a reader:

Are the men and women we read about in the Old Testament saved and going to Heaven because of their keeping of sacrificial requirements of the law? Today we know we must believe in his death on the cross for forgiveness of our sins and salvation, but what about the people born before Jesus came to earth?

Are People Born in Israel Automatically Saved?

Question from a reader:

Are people born in Israel automatically saved and going to Heaven (Romans 11:26), or do they still have to accept Jesus as their personal Savior to be truly saved?

Is Accepting Jesus as Savior Really the Only Way to Be Saved?

Question from a reader:

Many people say there is only one way to Heaven by accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior, but then they default to several other ways (young age, mental illness, being born in Israel, keeping sacrificial requirements of the law) and make excuses when cornered. Is believing in Jesus really the ONLY way?