Topic: Sexual Purity

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What Is True Repentance?

Queston from a reader:

What is true repentance? My pastor committed immorality and says he is truly sorry. But I question if he is really repentant. He is an eloquent speaker, can be very persuasive, and is now being critical of the church leaders who are “not showing grace” as he says. This is causing dissension in our church body.

When Sex Becomes Sin

“How can anything so good be so bad?” If sex is as good as we portrayed it in the previous chapter, why is it that many sexual acts are condemned in Scripture?

Guidelines for Sexual Purity

We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about what God wasn’t ashamed to create. However, God requires us to address the subject in keeping with his intentions and requirements, not the world’s.

The Purity Principle: Superior Satisfaction

A sexual image lures my mind toward lust. The world, the flesh and the devil barrage me with messages: I will feel like a man or a woman; it will relieve my pain, disappointment, stress. I’ll be happier if I surrender.

The Purity Principle: Cultivating Your Inner Life

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of drawing on the indwelling power of the risen Christ. Self-reformation is not enough. It may bring limited benefits, but it will lead to self-righteousness, not Spirit-empowerment—and nothing sets us up for moral failure like self-righteousness.