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ICRS Christian Booksellers Convention 2008

Every July I leave Oregon at one of its most beautiful times of the year, to spend a week of my life in a very hot place, such as Atlanta, or this year, Orlando. I'm glad to do it, just wish it was in January!

Resolved Conference 2008, Palm Springs

Two weeks ago this moment, Nanci and I were flying home after the Resolved Conference in Palm Springs. Coming back to a green Oregon summer was nice after it hit 115 degrees in Palm Springs.

Expressing Our Concerns about Same Sex Marriage in a Pluralistic Culture

Last week, same sex couples were married all over California. The future is predictable. Streams of people will come from all over the country to be married in California, and then will go back to their home states and argue that their marriage licenses should be honored. What will the states decide?

Survivor of Late-Term Abortion Comments on Barack Obama

Years ago in Washington, DC, I met a woman named Gianna Jessen, then a teenager. She sang at an event I was speaking at, and we had a delightful conversation. She is musically gifted and I found her a wonderful testimony to God’s grace.