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In Honor of Karen Stout Coleman, Beloved EPM Coworker and Friend

On Sunday, June 10, at 10:45 a.m., Karen Stout Coleman went to be with Jesus. This amazing sister has been a dear friend to us, full of grace and truth in the face of hardships, never losing her wit and humor, quietly saying the funniest and wisest things. She is truly one of my heroes. 

Can We Really End All Abortions Through Legislative Means?

Question from a reader:

Some people in the prolife movement believe that if we can just get the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade, we can stop all abortion in the U.S. This seems unreasonable. There was abortion before Roe v. Wade, and if we end legal abortion in America, won’t it just give birth to a big illegal abortion industry? 

God’s Presence Is the Essence of Heaven

Heaven without God would be like a honeymoon without a groom or a palace without a king. Teresa of Avila said, “Wherever God is, there is Heaven.” The corollary: Wherever God is not, there is Hell.

It Is Possible to Be a Feminist and Be Prolife

Early women’s rights advocates were prolife, not proabortion. Susan B. Anthony was a radical feminist in her day. Her newspaper, The Revolution, made this claim: “When a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is a sign that, by education or circumstances, she has been greatly wronged.”