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A Look at the Song Amazing Grace

Let me tell you about a white man who made his way into black history. Imagine a slave ship captain, a cruel Englishman who acquired slaves from Africa and transported them in horrific slave ships to be sold like animals at auction.

Joe Gibbs and the Game Plan for Life

Some of you prayed a while back for work I was doing for a chapter in a book with Joe Gibbs. Some information about that book has been sent to us, so I wanted to pass it on. 

Lincoln’s Logic on Slavery Extends to All Human Rights

Happy birthday to my favorite president, Abraham Lincoln. While he still held to some racist stereotypes, he managed to rise above the worldview of his era and affirm the wrongness of slavery and the rights of all people.

Another "Outside the Box" Prolifer

A friend recently sent me a link to a strong prolife blog post written by someone I would call an "outside the box" prolifer, in Hollywood.

Book Giveaway of the Month: Dominion

February is Black History Month, so we are giving away three signed copies of Randy’s novel Dominion, a dramatic story of spiritual searching, racial reconciliation, and hope.

Who We WERE, Who We ARE Now in Christ

A blog reader posted a link to this video (thanks), which I found powerful. I think it’s worth every second of its 8 minutes. And it also may be a great idea for your church.

President Obama and Abortion

NBC rejected a Catholic prolife commercial from being shown during the Super Bowl. Here it is. Definitely worth watching!

An Atheist Explains Africa's Need for God

I want to post this remarkable article you may appreciate. (Or maybe not.) Following the article, I'll share some of the ministries in Africa supported by the royalties from my books.