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It’s Over; But It’s Not Over (One Day It Will Be)

The election is over. Followers of Christ, regardless of who they advocated and voted for, should now pray wholeheartedly for our new president and his administration, as Scripture instructs us in First Timothy 2:1-4.

Not Cool: Obama's Pro-abortion Stance, and Christians Enabling Him

I knew from the first time I heard him speak that Obama was cool. And if the candidate I supported, for reasons of substance, also happened to be cool, that would be a nice plus. Then the sad day came. I checked out Obama's actual position on abortion and I was demoralized. 

Dinesh D'Souza

A year ago I wrote a blog about a book called What's So Great About Christianity, written by Dinesh D'Souza. Dinesh first came to America at the age of seventeen as an exchange student from India. After making the decision to stay in America following high school graduation, he went on to Dartmouth College. 

The Gospel of John DVD

The Gospel of John may be my favorite Bible movie of all-time. It came in under the radar, and many people still haven't heard of it, much less seen it. Yet it's in many ways the most endearing and personal portrayal of Jesus, and above all its faithful to the text of Scripture. It combines narration with dialogue and action.

Deadline Book Giveaway

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve given away a fiction book, so I’m excited to let you know that in October we’re giving away three copies of Randy’s novel Deadline.

Laughter in Heaven

Just as Jesus promises satisfaction as a reward in Heaven, he also promises laughter as a reward. Anticipating the laughter to come, Jesus says we should leap for joy now.