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The Blessing of Gratitude, the Curse of Complaining

The child in this picture is NOT one of my grandchildren. But he pretty much captures what a lot of us, older and younger, behave like when we don’t get our way. (And have you noticed, we often DON’T get our way…which is actually good.)

Harry Potter: The Debate Among Christians Continues

Scholastic’s first US printing of the new Deathly Hallows, released last week, was an unprecedented twelve million copies. Over eight million copies sold in the first 24 hours. A newscaster said the other night that five thousand Harry Potter books are being sold every minute in the United States.

More on the International Christian Retail Show

Okay, back to ICRS, the booksellers’ convention earlier this month in Atlanta. Yesterday, someone sent me a picture from a book signing there. That’s Jasmine I’m holding. Precious.

Days of Filming and Divine Appointments

Yesterday was one of the most exhausting days of my life. I stood in front of a video camera nearly the whole day, answering questions about Heaven, covering nearly all the major subject areas addressed in my books.

The World of Christian Books and Writers

I got back late last week from the annual Christian Booksellers convention. Always in July, it’s normally in a hot, sweaty southern city. This year was Atlanta, next year is Orlando. We haven’t been back to Dallas since it hit 120 degrees several years ago. Now if we could only have it in Portland or Seattle... Anyway, I’m going to spend a couple blogs talking about it.

Tell Me About Heaven: Just Released

Tell Me About Heaven is about a grandfather helping ten-year-old Jake come to terms with his grandmother’s death. Jake has all kinds of questions about Heaven, and what his grandma is doing and whether she remembers him. When he spends two weeks at his grandfather’s house out in the country, they do things together and talk about Heaven as they go. 

My Latest Novel, Deception (and Various Digressions)

Deception is a first person murder mystery told by wisecracking and lovable homicide detective Ollie Chandler. It was a fun book to write, though it took a lot of time and effort.