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Our Book Ministry to Prisoners Is Growing

A few years ago Nanci and I met Earl Smith, former death row chaplain at San Quentin. At a conference with professional football players, Earl told me, and at the time I didn’t know this, that our ministry has sent San Quentin lots of books.

Four Pieces of Advice for Graduates

With graduation season almost upon us, here are four pieces of advice for both high school and college graduates (and reminders for all of us, in any stage of life).

A Quiet Place and Our Silencing of the Unborn

Nanci and I saw The Quiet Place, which I don’t recommend unless you like 90 minutes of tension and dread. But if you can put up with the terror, there are some strong family values in this movie. One in particular, an emphatic prolife message, is celebrated in this article by Greg Morse.

A Prayer to the Shepherd of My Life

Earlier this year, my wife and best friend Nanci was diagnosed with colon cancer, and is now beginning a combination of radiation and chemotherapy treatments. She recently wrote a prayer based on Psalm 23. It really spoke to me, and I hope it speaks to you too.