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In the Wake of Ravi Zacharias’s Sexual Abuse of Women

By Randy Alcorn February 12, 2021
When a Christian leader—or anyone else—often comes across as proud and arrogant it may be simply because that’s what he really is.  Pride and arrogance weren’t the first things most of us saw in Ravi. What we saw was apparent humility and devotion to Jesus. When these qualities are the genuine fruit of God’s Spirit, they are beautiful, when they are not, they can become tools to manipulate others into gratifying our sinful desires.

Common Christian Myths About Happiness

By Randy Alcorn February 8, 2021
Puritan preacher Thomas Brooks said, “God is the author of all true happiness; he is the donor of all true happiness. . . . He that hath him for his God, for his portion, is the only happy man in the world." Happiness is what we all want, and believers throughout the centuries, like Brooks, have affirmed that it is a good desire when we seek it in Christ. Unfortunately, countless modern Christians have been taught various myths about happiness.