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Our Tongues Have the Power of Life and Death

By Randy Alcorn June 17, 2020
Years ago I put together a number of Scriptures on the power of our words. Their cumulative weight is stunning. In today’s world of social media, which allows us to publish comments to the world with the mere push of a button, more than ever we as God’s people need to read and meditate on Scripture, and examine our heart and habits. We need to be slower to anger and slower to speak, and quicker to hear and think biblically.

How Often Do You Think about the Color of Your Skin? A Discussion Between Two Friends

By Randy Alcorn June 8, 2020
In this excerpt from my novel Dominion, the main character Clarence Abernathy, a black journalist, discusses issues related to race with his friend and coworker Jake Woods (the main character of the previous novel Deadline). There’s a lot of action in the book, but this is a lengthy dialogue, one that may help you think a little differently about racial issues than a nonfiction treatment might.

Amazing Grace Sung by Believers from 50 Different Countries, United by Jesus

By Randy Alcorn June 5, 2020
I have sometimes envisioned what it will mean for every tribe, nation, and language to gather together and sing the praises of Jesus, as is depicted in Revelation 5:9 and 7:9. I’m sure we’ll learn a lot of great new hymns and songs once we’re with Jesus, most of which we’ve never heard. But I feel nearly certain that one of those songs we’ll sing forever from this life is “Amazing Grace.”