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The Deadly Life of Ease

Jesus is not our personal assistant charged with granting our wishes. While He often doesn’t give us what we want, He always gives us what we need.

Tim Keller on a Biblical View of Friendship

In hard times, God is absolutely sovereign and loving, but more than ever we need the right kind of friends to visibly live out God’s heart and wisdom for our encouragement, and to help us keep our eyes on our King.

Star Wars Movies Are Fun, Just Remember They Sometimes Contradict a Biblical Worldview

I am not a Star Wars naysayer, and it might seem self-evident that “these movies aren’t based on reality.” But I’ve found that while almost no one ends up believing that the particular aliens onscreen really exist, matters of worldview are much more subtly conveyed. So I encourage parents to talk with their children about this, since many of them don’t yet have the filters in place to screen out what’s false.

Good News of Great Joy: Listen to the Christmas Story from Luke 2

Recently I was filmed reading from Luke 2:1–21 for a video for our home church, Good Shepherd Community Church. I was joined by my wife Nanci and our Golden Retriever, Maggie (who as you’ll see, to our surprise, was very well behaved!).

Humble Savior, Sent to Earth

When I first read the story of Jesus as an unbeliever—having been raised with no knowledge of God—part of what drew me to Christ is how the gospel accounts seem so contrary to typical human reasoning.

When Your Pain Makes It Hard to Say “It Is Well with My Soul”

I greatly appreciated these thoughts EPM staff member Shauna Hernandez recently shared about the loss of her mom and trusting God in grief. What she wrote is beautiful and powerful, and applicable to any who have suffered loss and pain.

What’s So Good about the Good News?

The true gospel cannot be improved upon. Theologian J. Gresham Machen (1881–1937) said, “In the gospel there is included all that the heart of man can wish.”