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Learn to Pace Your Life Race

Life is not a sprint to be run with reckless abandon. It is a marathon to be run with care and thoughtfulness, saving bursts of speed for when they are necessary, but allowing time to recover before the next burst. 

How Can Parents Encourage Kids to Own Their Faith as They Grow Up?

I’ve written before about the concerning trend of young people who’ve been raised in the church but are leaving it as they grow up. Many of us are acutely aware of the problem, but less certain about what parents can actually do to encourage kids to make their faith their own. 

God’s Glory, Our Good

Satan has conned many people into a twisted view of the Christian life. We imagine that God calls us to do things that won’t be good for us, while the unbelievers are out there having all the fun. 

He Who Never Forsakes You Will Restore Your Soul

I love the psalms, because of their beauty and because the wide range of emotions they contain grant us permission to express to God our honest questions, doubts, griefs, and despair. My friend Jon Bloom, board chair and co-founder of Desiring God, wrote about two back-to-back psalms and the powerful message their proximity expresses.