Readers' Responses to The Apostle

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Whether you know your Bible or not, this is a great way to get a child or young adult to become interested in their Scriptures. I use to read church comics when I was younger and I was encouraged to pick up my Bible and read the passages. Comics are not a bad thing (my first books were comics. That's what kept me encouraged to read. Also, the way the format of comics is set up, the storylines are in depth). I've bought mine in hopes of inspiring some young adults in my life! —R.R.

Readers' Responses to Help For Women Under Stress

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I finished Help for Women Under Stress in 3 sittings/readings. It was encouraging, affirming, and challenging. Your book deals with wisdom issues related to life schedules in such a gentle way. It allows the Holy Spirit to do the work but gives very practical information to immediately try. As it doesn't go into depth on any one issue, it gives a good taste of what to get into and enough to really give things a try! I will recommend it to anyone and everyone I can. —A.G.

Readers' Responses to We Shall See God

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The book is simply fantastic! I loved it. I have read many devotional books. Always in the past Iwould read them quickly from start to finish in order, more like one would read a regular book. With We Shall See God, I read it as a devotional. I would read one or two of the devotional days (not necessarily in order, but according to which title sounded interesting) then I would ponder those thoughts all day long. This book made me want to read more books by Mr. Alcorn. —C.Y.
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