Has the Western Church Lost Sight of What It Really Means to Live Radically for Christ?

Question from a Reader:

I am a missionary, and have experienced much hardship in my Christian life, yet am still seeking Jesus through the trials. But it seems many Christians are seeking a life that’s free from danger. ...Sacrificial living has been replaced with people seeking comfort and wealth, and relying on their own abilities to provide those things for themselves. It feels so discouraging. What are your thoughts about the current state of the western church?

Did the Jews Expect Messiah Would Be God?

Question from a Reader:

I’m studying the book of Luke. I know that the Jews were expecting a Messiah that was king, deliverer, etc., but did they also expect a Messiah that was actually God? Are there any Old Testament prophecies that mention that?

Is the Bride of Christ an Individual or a Group?

Question from a reader: In your Heaven book, you say that at the wedding feast of the Lamb we’ll not be guests; rather, we’ll be the bride. Does that mean as a group? Or as just one person? Answer from Karen Coleman, EPM Ministry Assistant: We can think of the Bride as one entity. But it’s like all the students of a school can be called together “the school.” Many students make up one school. Or even better, all believers in Jesus can be called together “the Church.” It’s one thing made up of many members ...

According to Revelation 6:9-11, Will We Have Bodies in the Present Heaven? Or Just Souls?

Question from a reader: On page 46 of your book Heaven, it talks about the martyrs in Heaven, crying out to God for justice on Earth (Revelation 6:9-11). In the King James Version, Revelation 6:9 says their souls (not bodies) were crying to God. On page 64 of Heaven, #2 says “righteous men made perfect” (Hebrews 12:23). Again, in the King James Version, Hebrews 12:23 says “the spirits of just men made perfect.” According to the KJV, it seems that we will be souls or spirits in the present Heaven, but not have bodies. Is this correct?

Confiar em Deus Quando a Dor Parece Sem Sentido (Trusting God When the Pain Seems Pointless)

Escrevi nove romances. Suponha que você pudesse entrevistar os personagens dos meus livros. Se perguntasse a eles "você gostaria de sofrer menos?", tenho certeza de que eles responderiam "sim!" Eu me identifico com meus personagens. Mas, como o autor, sei que, no final, todo o sofrimento deles valerá a pena, já que é fundamental para o seu crescimento e para a história redentora.