Does No More Human Marriage and Sex in Heaven Mean God Won’t Fulfill My Heart’s Desires?

article January 25, 2023
Based on what you’ve shared it sounds like you are deeply disappointed with God because He hasn’t given you “the desires of your heart” by bringing a partner into your life. You are lonely and want to experience what you believe others have and believe you won’t ever get to enjoy. That’s a tough place to be and if it were a true representation of who God is and how He treats His children, you’d have a very good reason to be depressed and angry.

What Are Some Practical Ways to Help Depression? What About Medication?

article December 29, 2022
Feeling depressed after such a heartbreaking loss is a normal reaction to the abnormal reality of death in our cursed world. It is one of several stages you may pass through on your way through the “valley of dark shadows.” Learning to lean on your Good Shepherd’s arm through this valley (which, contrary to your current feelings does have an end) will go far in helping you bear your pain. Below, you’ll find several resources that may be a helpful starting point for you.